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Cocktail party pitch:
I'm a design technologist & local denizen with a knack for sales and a love of community, all factors that led to me lead Addicaid, which is a collection of AI-enhanced addiction services for addicts & experts, by addicts & experts. How about yourself?

I started in Park Slope, Brooklyn, December, 1988, then moved to Wilton, Connecticut when I was 8 to be closer to horses then moved to Fairfax, VA for 9th grade then ran away to Amiens, France (that's where Macron's from, btw) to fence and study the European way. Came back for an American high school finish and have been in Williamsburg the 10 years since. In San Francisco 9/17 - 9/18 but I would like to consider myself "bicoastal" or "coastally fluid".

My impetus:
I'm here to make friends, collaborate on any Meliorism-centric projects with chill & honorable people, get customers for Addicaid, forge partnerships with syngeristic organizations, find more teaching/speaking opportunities.

I've spoken at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, UPenn, NYU, Temple, Drexel & The Times Center. Topics include: career development, behavioral health, gender equity. I also have a lot to say on art, systems science, and the written word.)

Some things I've made + feedback I've obtained

Addicaid Swag

Birthright hoodie

Updater t-shirt

Wood + sheet sculpture

CSS timer

Wedding coasters