I'm Sam Frons.

designer + developer...

& Addicaid founder!


Hi! Here's my work portfolio. No longer accepting any projects because I'm focusing on Addicaid. Feel free to look at my previous work if you're so inclined.


I can put your ideas to pixels and action, be it via responsive web, iOS or Android platform.


If you have the mockups, I have the code. One of my favorite hobbies is putting PSDs to production.


These days, you need to brand everything. Let's find a new niche for your product that feels right and looks enticing.


Pitch decks, business plans, & user acquisition strategy are the holy grail and I can accompany you on your journey to exit.



Design / Media

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Final Cut Pro / Sony Vegas
  • Motion / After Effects


  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Mockups

Front-end / Mobile

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • JS / jQuery
  • Angular.JS
  • Ionic / Phonegap


  • node.JS / express.JS / Sails
  • Java / Spring
  • PHP / cakePHP
  • Rails

Featured Project

Apology.FM is the first step in a movement we would like to help build called Preventative Lovecare. Preventative Lovecare means taking care of your emotional body habitually to keep your spirit, mind, and body resilient and grounded for what life may ask of you.


Here's a large sample set of projects I've done the past 10 years with a focus on more recent professional web work.


Think Local First Intersatial Ad

Chevron wanted an iPad ad to show the common ground we all share about local businesses playing a vital role in Australian gas projects.

I was in charge of the advertisment's development

Built with HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript.

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Harmon Kardon

Product Website

Harmon Kardon needed a clean, responsive site to showcase their new product line along with integrated media to illustrate their new speaker features.

I was in charge of the website's responsibbe development.

Built with HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript.

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Kaufmann Merchantile

Mobile Checkout Experience

For the holiday season, Kaufmann Merchantile needed to update their mobile shopping experience that was at the moment a desktop-only view. I optimized their checkout process across mobile devices so shoppers were able to purchase items from anywhere.

I was in charge entire front-end development.

Built with HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails & Javascript.

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Life Without Limits Promotional Campaign

To accompany the huge push in media, T-Mobile wanted a social campaign that would support their Unlimited Nationwide data plan and bring to life the benefits of living unlimited.Accompanying the release of a four-part video series by award-winning director Eliot Rausch, 8 influential Instagram photographers were hired to shoot, upload and tag photos that they felt best represented a Life Without Limits. All of their photos were pulled into our campaign website to create a visual story across the nation that fans were encouraged to contribute to.

I was in charge of the campaign's mobile web development which showcased the video series, photo stream, and allowed the public to upload their Life Without Limits photo contest submissions.

Built with HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails & Javascript.

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Children's Artwork Web App

Save photos & videos of your kids’ firsts, toothless grins, birthday parties, vacations, graduations, competitions, and holidays as well as their art, school work and priceless mementos.

Record yourself or your child (or both) sharing the story behind each photo to enhance the memory.

Share Invite family and loved ones to be your kids “fan” so they can access your wonderful memories on their phone or the web.

Admire Parents, grandparents and loved ones can leave voice, video or text comments on each memory to enrich it with love.

Built with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Angular.JS, and Node.js

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McKinsey & Co.

Internal Websites

McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm. They are the trusted advisor to the world's leading businesses, governments, and institutions.

My role there is the design and development of their client internal sites that are internationally accessed by thousands of sundry suits. I even had to deal with unprecdented issues regarding Chinese Internet Access. Their corporate browsing standard is IE8, so I have mastered a soon to be useless skill.

Built with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Javascript, and Drupal.

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Corporate Site

Kraftworks is a creative agency that creates smart, stylish and engaging ideas that brands noticed. They believe great marketing is a craft born from experience, insight and exceptional execution and wanted their online presence to reflect that.

Built on wordpress with HTML, CSS, & jQuery.

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Photo Service Site

24 hours a day, Bloomberg's award-winning photojournalists capture unique angles on business and financial news, enabling global media outlets to tell their most important stories. They wanted an easy platform for their employees to upload their projects

Built on tumblr with HTML, CSS, & jQuery.

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LTU Technologies

Corporate Design + Development

Founded in 1999, LTU technologies is a company in the field of image recognition for commercial and government customers. They image recognition technologies for the search, retrieval and classification of images and videos.

While working as their in-house design technologist, I provided developer support for their API, built demos, designed graphics, and maintained their web presence.

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Cadit Health

Patient Scheduling Web App

Cadit Health facilitates patient self-service. Members schedule appointments by telling them what they are coming in for, when they are available, and answering questions relevant to the appointment they are looking for. Once the patient’s appointment is scheduled, it triggers an automated appointment confirmation, reminder, and follow-up process. This ensures that the patients have full information about their appointments, and can be used to get relevant content to patients to improve their experience with the provider. This includes notes and instructions from the provider’s office, as well as information on what to bring with them to their appointment. Active patient messaging ensures that patients are fully prepared for their appointments.

I was the front-end developer for their beta product.

Built with HTML5, CSS3, & Javascript ( + Python!)

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Henry Review

Video Reading Series Site

Henry is a Webby-nominated video reading series. Each week they post original episodes of writers reading and discussing new work. The namesake is the protagonist of John Berryman’s poem cycle The Dream Songs.

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Product Microsite

Initiative media needed a secure microsite for a product pitch for their Client hasbro. I developed a site so they could login and effectively convey their product vision and team capabilities.

Built with HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery, and Parse.


Various poster designs.

Made with Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.

Works on Paper

A sampling of things I've drawn throughout the years.

Charcoal, gouache, ink, graphite, water color, etc.


Job Search Site

Execu|Search is a full-service Recruitment, Temporary Staffing, and Retained Search firm, servicing several practice areas in the New York City Tri-State area and Greater Boston.

I refactored their ASP.net site with a cleaner code and interface, which has since been updated.

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3D Design

In the last year of college, I worked with maya to make things feel more in the flesh. I submitted an entry to a Philips hosted competition for a revolutionary steam iron design. I worked so hard on it and was shocked when I lost to such a brilliant slew of other designs. International team iron designers had sleeves rolled up higher than I had assumed.

The floorplan was just a senseless exercise I did while briefly working as a design consultant at Bo Concept.

Built with Maya and Adobe Illustrator.

Digital Art

Explorations in digital art.

Made with Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.


Paintings from over the years.

Oil on canvas.


Product Concept

I thought Sciverse needed a makeover so I did one in my downtime.


Animated Advertisement

Walrus Creative Agency needed an HTML5 banner advertisment for their client Candymania's latest videogame release. I used google web designer to make a flash-fallback ad with the utmost ease.

See the final product in action below!


I love assembling all sorts of materials. These sculptures range in size from 3 feet to 8 feet all around.

Made with: wood, metal, q-tips, foam core, fiber glass, LEDs, rubber, plastic, recycled cartons, televisions, yarn, etc.

Design Snap Shots

About Me

I was born in Park Slope in the booming year of 1988. Adolesence was a blur between Connecticut, Virginia, and foreign exchange year in France at the angsty age of 14. I returned to my home turf for a BFA at NYU, splitting my time on the varsity fencing team and art studio. When I heard about this thing called HTML5 three years ago, I opened up sublime text and never looked back. Interests include but are not limited to: The Technological Singularity, ping-pong, poetry, and specialized vernacular.

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